Complex Angles External Hoarding London

Not every hoarding is a straight run…

When you think of a construction site hoarding you imagine a long straight run of panels across a flat surface. Whilst this is a common requirement there are many other times when a hoarding project is not quite so simple. This project is a fantastic example which shows how you can overcome multiple returns and navigate uneven surfaces.

This London based construction site hoarding had to navigate uneven ground with multiple drops and falls. It features a number of integrated access doors and gates which have all been seamlessly branded and blended into the design. The hoarding consists of many returns and short panels all of which present an interesting challenge when deciding how to design and split the printed hoarding panels.

Our experience when tackling less conventional shaped hoarding graphic installations has give us in-depth knowledge on how to best prepare and install panels to leave a clean tidy and seamless finish. If you have a hoarding project whether it be a simple straight run or a more challenging layout why not speak to our team for advice on the best way to approach the project?

Investing in external hoarding panels?

You have invested time and money erecting site hoarding panels, now is your chance to convert that cost into an opportunity. Construction site hoarding graphics offer a chance to increase brand awareness, improve sales or take your marketing message to the masses. At Hoarding Printer we can help you transform your site hoarding boards into an incredible and memorable visual display. At Hoarding Printer, we offer a diverse range of options for our printed construction site hoarding panels to cover almost any requirement, using the latest printing technology. Additionally, we can offer a wide range of laminates to protect your site hoarding panels, for example, an anti-graffiti laminate.

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