Construction Site Hoarding

Hoarding on construction sites hides work in progress. This is advantageous for site security and public safety, as well as aesthetic considerations and maintaining normalcy outside the site. Options include water-filled hoarding, steel hoarding, and freestanding and dug-in timber hoarding.


For all hoarding projects, complete planning, design, and installation services are offered.

Getting Started

We make sure that we manufacture all hoardings panels to suit the location and environment. Every job starts with a comprehensive site survey.

Artwork & Design

Once the site survey has been completed the dimensions and artwork are then shared with our studio team who will then begin producing the artwork or prepare for printing.

Print & Manufacturing

Once the designs are fully signed off, the artwork will be put into production using our in-house printers. All of our hoarding panels are digital printed on the best settings using premium materials and highest quality industry standard eco-solvent ink.


Finally, once the hoardings panels have been printed with your graphics, we will then schedule our in-house installation team to carry out the work to install efficiently and skillfully.


Investing in printed hoarding panels & graphics!

We provide direct-to-board printing for ACM (Aluminum Composite/Dibond/Diabond). With no banding, the quality is excellent. A digital cutting service that enables nesting of jobs and maximising material utilisation supports this.

Law & Regulations

Construction sites need a perimeter fence. Unauthorized access must be avoided, according to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations of 2015.

A barrier might be appropriate for smaller sites, but larger sites require substantial wood or metal hoarding. This is done to protect the general people from the hazards of a construction site.

Hoarding on the site must be both safe and high enough so that it cannot be readily scaled and toppled down. In order to prevent theft and regulate access to the site, it must conceal works.

Uses for Site Hoarding Boards

A great reason to build construction site hoarding that does more than keep your site safe from prospective invaders is with digitally printed site hoarding boards.

Using super-sharp high quality print directly to the board, you can print anything you want on your site hoarding board. Because printed hoarding panells is a terrific way to advertise whatever is going on behind the boards, it is a popular choice for securing new projects and construction sites.

It’s a clever method to generate extra income with no effort to offer hoarding space to other companies.


FAQs & more information

Having trouble understanding the materials or how the hoarding graphics are printed? We can help! We have put together a selection of information to help you understand the material, the production process and how create a quotation following your enquiry.

Construction site hoardings panels are an eye-catching print installed to the site perimeter fence of a construction site, its helps keep the public out and hide unsightly construction work. They also can assist with the exposure of the business and provide details of the construction work being carried out to showcase what the development will look like once completed.

The pricing for printed hoarding panels vary from project to project. As there are always bespoke elements or sizes to consider, before we proceed with providing you with a quoting for this type of work we would need details of your site perimeter plan and requirements to give you a quotation. We may also need to carry out a site survey to measure and review the perimeter.

Please speak with us if you have any questions or wish to discuss your hoarding panels or building site requirements for a printed hoarding project. We can usually provide you with a quote within 24 hours of your call or email and our friendly sales team full of experts are standing by ready to assist!

As a minimum we require a few details to proceed, we have created a checklist of information to give you an accurate printed hoarding quote.

  1. Approximate length of your Construction site hoarding perimeter?
  2. Approximate duration of your project build?
  3. Key personnel on site (ie: Main contractor etc?)
  4. Any unusual items such as road closures or limited access?
  5. Are you working with a creative agency or would you like help designing your scheme presentation?

Hoardings graphics are usually printed onto vinyl, which comes in many different options can be laminated for extra protection. The vinyl is then placed onto the ACM panels which are fitted and installed on the hoardings boards themselves. Check out our blog post about the what are hoarding panels.

If you have any questions, please speak with our expert account managers.

Yes, there are many different legal requirements that apply to hoarding panels, but this will be determined by each project. Check out our blog post about the legal requirements of hoarding panels.

If you have any questions, please speak with our expert account managers.

Each project is very different but for example, if an installation needs to be done out of hours or completed during a specified time to coincide with another event. Here at Wallace Print, the print and installation time is kept to a minimum.


We've been around 30 years, let us help you.

We are able to print on a variety of materials that are appropriate for various applications. All of our printed advertising hoardings are produced at 1400 dpi photographic quality with rich, brilliant colours. In order to ensure that your printed hoarding panels always look their best, we choose to use aluminium composite sheets and external grade inks covered by anti-graffiti laminates.


We make hoarding printing & installing projects simple and stress-free! 

Let's talk about your project.