What are hoarding panels?


A hoarding panel is a sheet of material made out of ACM (aluminium composite material) which is a type of metal. These sheets come in different thicknesses, the main thickness is 3mm. Standard sheet size is 8ftx4ft which can be printed on both sides if needed, a laminate can also be applied to this material.

What is the purpose of hoarding panels?

Printed hoarding panels isn’t necessarily a commonly known term by the general public but that’s not to say you wouldn’t recognise them. A quick google search may leave you confused about what hoarding is, but when we say hoarding we mean the printed graphics on the outside of a construction site.

Chances are you have been travelling through a town that contains a construction site packed full of banners, signs, and printed fences & other signage which finally, is all boarded off to protect people from wandering onto a construction site? Usually, these panels will sit on a wooden structure at a height of around 2m high.

These boards can act as a visual disconnect from the displeasing site behind, therefore uplifting/informing the community & leaving an exciting element of class to be spread throughout the town.

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